18 Best Weight Loss Clinics and Doctors in Karachi

18 Best Weight Loss Clinics and Doctors in Karachi

Management and balance are co-related to each other, keeping a body weight in an appropriate ratio is directly related to your management that how you manage to keep it in its form. If you are overweight and having obesity then you are welcoming loads of problems related to your health majorly include cardiac issues, type 2 diabetes, several types of cancer, hypertension issues and many more. Obesity is one of the major issues of these days which is hard to control.

An individual can control or maintain its weight in a healthy way by having a healthy balanced diet with the combination of exercise. However, most of the people fail to manage it and lose weight without seeking any help. To eradicate this difficulty, we can take help from different doctors who will guide you to lose weight in an organized way and will help to maintain it either by surgical methods or non-surgical methods. Following are the best clinics situated in Karachi where you can find the most experienced doctors for your problem:

1. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat

Dr. Mana's Weight Loss Retreat

One of the very flourishing and well-known clinics in the Karachi is being handled by Dr. Mana, a great professional who has helped people lose weight. Details for the visit are given as below

  • Address: B-9, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal، Near PIA Planetarium، Block 15 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City.
  • Phone:0331 8626262
  • Weblink:http://drmanashahzad.com/

2. Ultimate Fitness Clinic (UFC)

Ultimate Fitness Clinic (UFC)

UFC is the clinic available to keep your body weight in an appropriate range. This clinic is available 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week so you can easily book an appointment.

  • Addressltimate Fitness Clinic Karachi. Available 24/7. A-189, Block-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, near KDA Market
  • For Call 111-222-832 (UAN).
  • Weblink: http://ultimatefitnessclinic.com/contact/

3. Medi Life Clinics

Medi Life Clinics

Another clinic that assists people who are on weight loss journey is Medi Life Clinics. In order to get connected to this clinic subsequent are the details:

  • Address:63-C/2 24th Commercial street Tauheed Commercial phase 5 DHA behind Evolution, Cafe, Tauheed Commercial Area Phase 5 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi
  • Phone:0313 9224000
  • Weblink: http://medilifeclinics.com/

4. AlKhaleej Clinics – Hair Transplant & Skin Specialist

AlKhaleej Clinics - Hair Transplant & Skin Specialist

Another very renowned clinic with the collaboration of amazing doctors is the Alkhaleej Clinics(Hair transplant and skin specialist). Its name depicts that it is concerned to hair and skin department only, but it does not go with the efforts they are making to help people in the reduction of their weight. To catch them, we can contact them at the following address.

5. Health & Wellness Center Karachi By Dr. Mubashara Khan

Health & Wellness Center Karachi By Dr. Mubashara Khan

An expert of weight loss, Dr. Mubashara Khan is available in the town to help people with this obesity issues. To get an appointment you may contact her at the mentioned number or visit her at this address as she is surely great in her field of expertise.

6. Humaira’s Clinic

Dr. Humaira’s Clinic

A very talented and prosperous doctor to help people with this chronic issue of their life is Dr. Humaira Aziz. She is one of the best nutritionists in Karachi who has helped many in losing weight. To achieve your goal reach her at these details.

  • Address: 18-C, First Floor, Nishat Commercial Lane 4, Corner of Khayaban-e-Hafiz &Bukhari, Phase 6, D.H.A. Karachi
  • Phone: 0333 2032022

7. Weight loss Pakistan

This hospital in K-Town is run by some very talented doctors who hold years of experience in their related field. Many people have been able to lose weight with their help in the past and still striving to guide many out there who wish to change their life for the better.

  • Address: 49-C, Street 7 A Badar Commercial Area, Saba Avenue Phase 5, D.H.A,Karachi
  • Phone: (92) 0300-829-2498, 0321-829-2498597

8. Ayesha Abbass (Nutritionist)

Another significant doctor whois working to help people in changing their lifestyle is Dr. Ayesha Abbass. She is a remarkable nutritionist assisting people to reduce their weight with customized diet plans. She is available at three different places located in Karachi, so why wait and book an appointment right away!

  • Address 1

Medilink Clinics opposite to do (2) talwar plaza mall first floor Medilink Clifton , Karachi

Contact: +92 21 35376071-4
Cell: +92 321 3088384


  • Address 2

Neuro Care ClinicBahadurabadAlkhaleej towers room 804 shahed-e-millatroad, Karachi

Contact: +92 21 34817191 / 34877146
Cell: +92 300 9289223

  • Address 3:

Health ClinicAskari 4 clinic opposite Millenium Mall main Rahsid Minhas road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Cell: +92 300 9289223 & +92 321 3088384

Phone: 03009289223 03213088384
Weblink: www.drayeshanutritionist.com

9. Re-Slim

A clinic that is managed by very experienced doctor AslamNaveed, a very proficient nutritionist, Re-Slim can definitely help you with the obesity issue. He is available 6 days a week to support public who are fed up with increased weight. Contact details of this clinic are:

10. PNS Shifa Hospital

PNS Shifa Hospital

Lt Cdr. Rabia Anwer is a very well-known and reputable Naval Doctor who has been dealing with weight loss problems of many out there. She is also popular to design diet plans for aviators, commandos, undersea divers and PN submariners who are surely fitter than the rest. So if you wish to meet her, here is where she can be contacted:

11. Amina Mujib Khan

Dr. AminaMujib Khan

Very practised nutritionist Dr. AminaMujib is accessible in town. She is famous for helping heavy people to cut down their weight and come back in the form they have only dreamed of.

12. Munazza Haq

Another capable nutritionist is obtainable for service is Dr. MunazzaHaq. She is a prominent chief dietician who creates solution that expurgates the unwanted fats of your body and brings it back in shape. For interaction, details are under.

13. Shazia Erum

The talented Dr. Shazia is known for her expertise to reduce the body weight of the people who have a higher BMI. To get her assistance we can catch her at the following

14. Khadija Maisam Abbas

If you wish to achieve your actual BMI and fit in clothes that are much smaller in size than Dr. Khadija Maisam Abbas is surely the best expert to contact. She has been working as a dietician since years, assisting people in this matter. Her availability can acquire at the subsequent location.

15. Itrat Siddiqui

Dr. ItratSiddiqui is a brilliant doctor available in Ziauddin hospital, she is practising as a dietician/nutritionist and is known to have helped many in reducing weight. You can get her services at this site:

16. Sadaf Aman

Another experienced nutritionist in town, Dr.SadafAman designs the best diet plan that is especially to suit your body and help burn fat quickly. To avail her services, we can get her at this place.

17. Faiza Shoaib

An excellent doctor who works for overweight individuals is dr. FaizaShoaib who can easily be found at Memon Medical Institute. Following are the details:

18. Farah Syed

For those who cannot stop eating in big quantities, Dr. Farah Syed with create the best diet plan for you that will suck out the stubborn fat from your body in no time at all. Ted Here is the address where she can be contacted now:

Thanks to all the fast food available around, millions of people around the globe struggle with weight issues that ultimately lead to chronic diseases and death. So if you too find it hard to overcome this problem, it is time to seek help from professionals.