With Online Presence Almirah Clothing Stepping Ahead in Apparel Market in Pakistan

With Online Presence Almirah Clothing Stepping Ahead in Apparel Market in Pakistan

Almirah is the leading fashion brand of Pakistan that deals in making finest quality Shalwar Kameez (Eastern Clothing) for both the genders. Whether you’re looking for festive attire or a Casual wear Shalwar Kameez, Almirah has it all for you! Having a variety of formals and semi formals as well as the casual wears it offers kurtis, formal dresses, abayas for women and kurtas of various designs for men. It names its product range as Men’s Classics, Executive and Funky Kurta’s, Ladies abayas, Kurtis and Formal Suits.

Quite a whole of everything! Right?

Women look effortlessly chic and classy as they choose their outfits from Almirah as they are the best picks when it comes to fabric quality and designs. The brand enjoys a good reputation and is among the best trendsetters in Pakistan’s Eastern Fashion Clothing Industry.

More than that, they also offer a very unique and delicate line of fragrances.

There are different sections that you would find in Almirah’s outlet, some of them are as follows:

Men’s Clothing

Almirah Men Clothing Kurtas

For men, Almirah exclusively offers their intricate range of ready-to-waer kurtas that can be worn at any occasion. They also have suitable sizes for everyone that you can easily pick up. Recently they have introduced Wasim Akram’s line of Shalwar Kameez. It includes very subtle and unique colors such as white, Navy blue, grey, black, brown and numerous other shades that are stitched to perfection. They might be a little expensive as it ranges from 5000 – 7000 PKR but we can assure you that these are among the very best you will find in the market. They also have more collection of Men Shalwar Kameez that includes some designed and embroidered Kurtas for youngsters.

Women’s Clothing

Almirah Lawn Dress For Women

Almirah is very well regarded for its quality fabric, colors and variety in designs when it comes to their clothing lines for women. It is offering all sorts of clothes to women that include its vast unstitched collection, stitched collection, bottoms and shawls. Pakistani women like wearing expensive clothes adorned in glitter with heavy embroidery or at times simple small embroidered patches. Sometimes women often prefer clothes that have no designing at all; the simple and classic ones. This clothing brand has all of the variety that a woman can desire. From the most casual and standard ones to bridal wear it offers its clients every sort of dresses. Its lawn collection however is one to look forward to as it establishes its reputation as one of the finest quality that you will find in the world. Almirah’s alluring dresses are absolutely worth making up your personal statement.

Groom’s Clothing

Do you wish for volumes in Sherwanis? Go for Almirah’s royal groom wear. These are comparatively somewhat expensive but are made using the finest quality fabric which is worth the pennies you pay. And they certainly have the promising quality for your big day!


The best known for offering its designer haute couture fashion statement of abayas in Pakistan, Almirah has made itself stand out in the fashion world. The exquisite range of abayas designs tailored intelligently to the needs of Pakistani customers. Made with the finest materials from around the world, these elegant and classy abayas come with stoes, butterfly and French cuts and embroidered styles.


Almirah Fragrances

Almirah also offers its very own fragrance line. They are undoubtedly the best ones to look for with some of the most elegant and unique scents that you will find in Pakistan. They are for both men and women. One of the most famous perfumes that have gotten quite a lot of fame recently is IVY.

With all these splendorous offerings we can say that Almirah certainly is a brand where quality meets satisfaction!