Zamzama Park: Karachi’s Favorite Spot for Recreation

Zamzama Park: Karachi’s Favorite Spot for Recreation

All outgoers need a peaceful environment with serene nature and scenic beauty to relax themselves from time to time. One of the best places to achieve that is by visiting parks, which are not only great for getting peace of mind but also for having good outdoor recreation.

Zamzama Park, Location

Located in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan is one of the best parks in the city by the name of Zamzama Park. The Park covers an area of 26 acres in Defence Housing Authority. This is a posh area of Karachi but what’s astounding that the park has been the place for people from all classes of Karachi, place to relax and enjoy.

Entry Fee

The park has a very modest entry fee of just 20 rupees per head for adults and 10 rupees per head for children. . This modest entry fee ensures that people from all socio-economic background are welcome to this park. The park is not exclusive to just the elites of Karachi, rather this park stands to be a symbol of unity and a spot for everyone to come together and share a delightful experience.

This park also has its own parking lot, which makes it easier and safer for you to park your cars. You don’t have to worry about theft issues as your car will be parked in a secure location. There is a fee of 20 rupees for car parking, 30 rupees for van parking and 10 rupees for bicycle parking.

Park Membership

If you want to be able to use all of the facilities of the park, you can become a member by paying an annual membership fee. The details for membership fees are:

  • Senior Citizens: Rs. 1,000 per year
  • Single Civilians: Rs. 2,500 per year
  • Couple with 2 children: Rs. 5000 per year
  • Armed Forces Person: Rs. 800 per year
  • Armed Forces Family: Rs. 2000 per year
  • DHA Employees and family: 50 per year


  • Weekdays: 16:00-22:30 hrs
  • Weekends and Holidays: 16:00-23:00 hrs

Facilities Available at Park

Zamzama Park Karachi Gym Club

Jogging Tracks

The park features two jogging tracks of 1 km. Parks are a place where you can not just relax but also exercise and workout. For people who are fitness freaks and care about a healthy lifestyle and working out, this jogging track will be ideal for them.

Walking Paths

Sometimes instead of heavy working out or just sitting and relaxing, some people just need to walk which is their relaxation. At Zamzama park you can find different walking paths. Enjoy a peaceful walk with your family or just by yourself while letting your senses rejuvenate by the natural beauty of the park.

Skating Rink

Skating is a delight for children and adults alike. The park has a skating rink in very good condition for those who like the sport of skating.


Children have a great time on swings. There are different swing sets in the park for children to play on and enjoy.

Bonsai Garden

For the nature lovers, the park is a great place to visit and check out the beautiful bonsai garden present here. Rich with luscious bonsai trees, this small garden will be a marvel for the eyes.


The park offers the facility of a well-equipped gymnasium with high quality equipment, available for the members.

If you are creating some picnic plan in Karachi It is the perfect spot.