Zara Shahjahan Bridal Collection to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Zara Shahjahan Bridal Collection to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Welcome to the world of Zara Shahjahan filled with glory and eminence. Witness the great beauty of her collection with your eyes. Her each and every collection is carried with pride and delight. She brings the most ethnic collection to your wardrobe with a touch of glamour. Zara Shahjahan is one of the leading names in the market when it comes to bridal wears or all the magnificent clothes you need for your special day. She’s been on the top charts with her mughal sense of fashion and approach. You can never go wrong when you choose her you choose perfection with satisfaction. Lets embrace ourselves as we are going to see her doing wonders with her brilliant fashion sense with a touch of ancient times. Get ready to be blown away with such glamour and perfectionism.


As we have told you before, you’ll be blown away by the perfection she possesses. This ancient traditional bridal dress gives you all the Mughlia Queen vibes you’ll need on your big day. The heavy embroidery on this angrakha style shirt looks delightfully done with zarri and daka work. Look at the perfectly embellished and embroidered sleeves and hem to enhance the look of the outfit. The dress has heavy motifs embroidery on the duppata with gotta lace on the sides of the duppata to complete the look. The dhaka trouser has also motifs embroidery done on gold trouser. Pair it with have mughal jewellery to complete the look. Be the queen of your special day.

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You want to keep it simple? Here you have the best option available to look chic and elegant at the same time. The long straight shirt is completely embellished with golden scattered leaves with a twist of heavily embroidered round neckline done with green diamonties. The full fitted sleeves looks ravishing on this look. The dress comes with a shiny shimmery gotta lace duppata that blends perfectly with this elegant smooth dress. The dhaka trouser is made of jamaiwar and looks very appealing with this dress. The best part about zara shahjahan’s collection is that they can be brought in use later on with simple effort yet to get the most amazing perfection you desire for. Pair them with golden statement jewellery to embrace the look with class.

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Dont wanna go over-the-top? Get this trendy and easy to carry beautiful salmon pink bridal dress to look like a princess. The straight shirt is heavily embroidered and embellished with gotta work all around the neckline the hem and the entire sleeves with grace. The beautiful colour combination of dull golden, feroza and tea pink embroidery on the salmon pink base looks very attractive to the eyes. Minimal work on the sleeves with embroidered ends looks very chic and easy to wear with jewellery. The pearl embedded duppata is all what you need to give it a lighter touch. The dhaka trouser is embroidered from the ends and looks gorgeous. It can be later on paired with a short shirt to make it a good investment. Pair them with pearl khussa and pearl jhumkas to look regal and oh-not-so-real on your big Nikkah day! Look ahh-mazing in this dress.


Look regal in this feroza colour bridal dress. Zara shahjahan has brought elegance to a whole new level with her great efforts. Look at this beautifully embroidered and embellished bridal wear with gotta,zarri and kundan work. The shirt is heavily embroidered from top to bottom to the sleeves. Not even giving us a chance to spot a plain area around. The heavy duppata with embroidery at the borders make it a real regal wear. Pair it with a plain dhaka trouser to stay at ease. To achieve the right look in the right way pair it with kundan choker and kundan maala to personify zara’s efforts. The beautiful dress is on our top charts from this season and is a eye catcher. You cannot get off your eyes from the beautiful embroidery done with such elegance and perfection. Look down and get all excited to buy this beauty. Keep it with love and care.

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Experience happiness with this glamours piece of art on your body. The nobleness of this dress comes from the virtue of mughal life. The heavily citara embroidered dhaka trouser looks very chic and trendy to wear. The net lace gotta duppata looks very soft and easy to carry with class. The embellished and embroidered shirt with feroza, matt gold and pink colour kundan embroidery on the neckline looks oh-so-great to wear and look. Makes you feel like a princess sitting on a throne and waiting for her prince charming with all the glory you need to create the perfect moment. The best investment for your marriage and other events in which you can easily pull them off separately with grace and less effort. Pair them with kundan jewellery and look ahhh-amazingly gorgeous in this salmon pink dress. Have a glance and you won’t be able to take your eyes off this charmer.

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Here we have these two gorgeous bridal wears with beautiful combination of golden and green in the most subtle way ever possible. We guarantee you wouldn’t have seen such ahh-mazing colour combinations on such a lighter note. The heavily embroidered and embellished shirt and sleeves looks appealing to the eyes. The beautiful colour combinations used to bring out the nobleness makes it more feminine. The embroidered dhaka trousers with net lace patti duppatas blends so well. You don’t need to make an effort when you have these with you. Pair them with the best jewellery and be the queen with an open heart. The detailing on each and every piece looks so heart warming. You wont mind investing on something this good which will repay with time with its elegance and class. Zara shahjahan has everything in her mind when it comes to your big day. Pick with ease and stay at ease with these beautiful dresses. Look at these stunning pieces and skip a beat.


One can never go wrong when it comes to this beautiful combination of golden and maroon. It bring out the utmost perfection ad class in an individual. This is a very strong combination which personifies class and dignity. The beautiful embroidery on the frock style shirt looks gorgeous. The embellishment with the golden leaves on the shirt makes it regal. The heavily embroidered duppata with motifs and embroidered lace gives it a mughal vibe. The jamawar trouser adds glamour with comfort. Wear it with heavy jewelry and a bun to embrace the look. The best investment for your big day as you would look prettiest in this gorgeous ensemble. A touch of green kundan jewellery can make a statement and can give you those regal vibes you need. Look at this gorgeous dress and fall in love.

Zara Shahjahan has a juge range when it comes to gorgeous clothes. She also has unstitched collection which comes in lawn, cotton, chiffon, velvet and whatever you like. She also has a separate section for casual clothes, keeping in mind all the working women out there. Her luxury poet is just beautiful and has all the splendid colours with all the latest trends you need to slay in her each and every piece. The clothes are highly affordable and are a good investment. They don’t even make your bank account suffer and keeps you in fashion with great quality clothes.
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Zara Shahjahan is the one and only stop shop this season for all the trendy and stylish bridal wears. You can rely on her completely when it comes to fashion and trends. She is living up to all your expectations with great effort and quality. The price of the products are also very reasonable and won’t make a huge difference on your account. She has the most stunning collection from top to bottom. Covering all the fancy and the casual wears. Don’t wait and get your hands on these beautiful clothes as soon as possible. The amazing collection is available throughout Pakistan. Get your favorite clothes instantly on Official Zara Shahjahan Bridal Collection.